Creating a guild system is something I'm extremely interested in

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It is an awful place in general, by the time you can access the bank, the

value has been lost. If people could actually use this bank could Runescape gold make a great

place to do low-mid level crafting.

Personally, I wish that guilds come with mini-games or an additional activity

to bring them to life. Woodcutting guild comes with ents the boost in level,

and a sawmill, however, there's nothing other than that. Mining guild comes

with mining glove... which are, well, horrible to acquire. It's a painful

grind that yields very little profit. The farming guild has contracts, however

which are similar to how artisans were supposed to be.

I am a bit hesitant to say that all should be offered minigames or bosses, but

I do believe they all have a need to present a case to use their talents. This

could be done by offering unique content or bosses or minigames as that they

can promote the ability, I'd be okay. But, my issue is in them doing an

entirely new minigame or boss each time as the go-to for how to improve

Guilds. I think there should be some degree of innovation in the guilds and I

believe there are some great ideas to help with that.

Making the Clan System for Guilds is something that I would be interested in.

The idea of creating an Achievement Diary like Task System to gain access to

new areas within the Guilds , as well with special buffs that can be used

while in the Guild is great. A notice board in which Players could post Tasks

for Players related to the Guild's Skill is one another idea that is worth


But, it's worth the fact that there is more to be done to help guilds, but

it's not always necessary to be a minigame or boss as the solution especially

when the content the Guild gives out is stand-alone alone without those. That

being said, I think that providing Guild exclusive content may be the right

way forward and, of course, some minigames or bosses.

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