MMOSO TBC News - Blizzard Announces WoW TBC Classic Server Merger

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Blizzard announced in a blue thread on its forums that the sparsely populated World of Warcraft Classic: Burning Crusade servers will be merged this summer to maintain a healthy server population. This will affect a large number of North American and European based servers.

The first expansion pack for World of Warcraft Classic was released on June 1, 2021. Populous servers like Faerlina, Herod, and Whitemane had long queues. As the expansion progressed, players started leaving the game in droves, and some servers started disappearing entirely.

Queue times and heavily populated servers are not unique to World of Warcraft Classic. Blizzard offered free transfers from specific areas to low-population areas, but it didn't help. Instead, it inflates already crowded servers while pushing less populated servers to the extreme. There are restrictions based on server type, but these restrictions will be lifted. Blizzard will merge all characters from the remaining servers with lower populations to other servers with higher populations. Consolidation and decommissioning of realms will take place during the weekly maintenance on August 9, 2022. Blizzard hasn't released where the characters will be transferred to, but it's still free to transfer from low-population areas.

Population issues and faction imbalances in World of Warcraft Classic and Live have been normal since launch. Due to their strengths in PvE content, long-time players tend to choose Horde over Alliance. This creates a huge gulf between many servers. Alliance players experience headaches in open worlds, especially on PvP servers. Horde players are constantly competing with other members of the faction, making certain resources scarce and expensive. Competition has made it difficult for many players to access parts of the game, forcing casual players to rely on gold sellers so they can buy the items they need to function properly on the content.

Since the announcement that Microsoft plans to acquire Activision Blizzard, industry insiders and players have had mixed reactions to the future of the franchise. Solving the population problem on the server is a step in the right direction. It gives players who don't want to spend money on server transfers or gold another chance to find the right community they want to play in when they see fit.

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Some players may not be keen on server merges. Low-population servers give players the opportunity to take full control of the server they're on, assuming they have a consistent group of people to play with. Since the whereabouts of these players have not been announced, it is possible that these players will be moved to already packaged servers. Once World of Warcraft Classic: Wrath of the Lich King is released in the future, many players expect a lot of queue time. There are WOW Gold for Sale.

NA Servers being consolidated: Anathema, Bigglesworth, Blaumeux, Deviate Delight, Fairbanks, Felstriker, Heartseeker, Herod, Incendius, Kirtonos, Kromcrush, Kurinnaxx, Loatheb, Netherwind, Rattlegore, Reaper, Skeram, Smolderweb, Stalagg, Sul'Thraze, Thalnos, and Thunderfury.

EU Servers being consolidated: Bloodfang, Celebras, Dragon's Call, Dragonfang, Dreadmist, Finkle, Flamelash, Gandling, Harbinger of Doom, Heartstriker, Hydraxian Waterlords, Judgement, Lucifron, Noggenfogger, Rhok'delar, Shazzrah, Skullflame, Stonespine, Ten Storms, Wyrmthalak, and Zandalar Tribe.

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