The most recent release for Elyon includes the long-awaited server merges

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The most recent release for Elyon includes the long-awaited server merges, adds events, a new enchantment effect system for gear, and a variety of new missions as well as RvR modifications. This update also includes many class balance adjustments as Elyon Gold  well as Dungeons. With the single server for each region, there are some things to be aware of, but otherwise the updates give the direction of the game more clear.

The server merge is now complete the rankings, Luxury Houses and Clan Wars have all reopened. However, clan fund distribution will be paused for two weeks. The previously announced requirements generally are in effect, with the exception of the additional characters per server. If you have more than the limit of characters however, not only will you be denied access to the server and participate, but you won't be able to enter Dimensional Portals and the cooldown on character swaps won't work.

Overall, this update a bit of a new beginning, thanks to the brand new Clan Coin Event Shop letting you get the chance to earn Clan Coins to trade for items beginning today and running until March 2nd. The items include Fixed Enhance Stones and Clan Points wrapped x 50. Gearing has a brand newly developed Enchantment Effect system, where you can add more effects to already enchanted equipment. The stones you'll need to use in the new system are reward for Clan Coins and this Event is a great opportunity to begin. A second Quick Growth event also runs during the same timeframe and gives you an EXP potion inside your gift bag. Using it will let you upgrade your character from level 20 to 40 in a matter of minutes.

Open world as well as RvR have received some fresh adjustments, including emergency missions now added to the borders of conflict Blizzard Skirmish, Barren Front along with Rail of Division. These missions for emergencies consist of three parts. First has you defeat the monsters, and the third is an underboss. The third will be an boss monster. If you defeat the boss you'll have the chance to obtain break-through gear and a chance to collect legendary equipment.

The entire update notes are worth reading to get a sense of the entire class overhaul and also what you can expect now that the server merges are on  buy Elyon Gold  the way. There's a new update to the Demon System, additional appearances for RvR events, and even new ones such as Jar of Greed, loot adjustments and much more. For moreinformation, go to Elyon.

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