The Silverwind Larion is a winged cat that somewhat resembles the lion.

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The players from World of Warcraft likely already have a number of mounts that Blizzard has introduced through the many years. They're rideable creatures that players can ride to explore Azeroth and move around faster than they can on WOW WoTLK Classic Gold  feet. Players have been able to gain new mounts through game-related events, quests and challenges or have received ones, such as the community-sourced Wandering Ancient mount in WoW WOTLK Classic which is available at no cost. One of the areas of Bastion in WoW WOTLK Classic, Bastion is the home of the elusive Silverwind Larion Mount, and every player has the chance to earn this creature.

The Silverwind Larion is a winged cat that somewhat resembles the lion. It has white and blue fur, and feathers that look like the ice. If you use this mount, players can increase flight speed by up to 310% and ground speed 100%. According to its in-game description, "This gift of the silvery winds can only be bestowed upon those who look high and low to find Bastion's wisdom. Bastion." This description suggests that players are going to need to seek out Bastion to gain its wisdom, and then unlock the mount. Here's how to get Silverwind Larion Mount Silverwind Larion Mount in WoW WOTLK Classic.

The main thing you need to do to acquire an Silverwind Larion Mount is finding Anima Crystal Shards around Bastion. The Shards are different from the Anima cryptocurrency, Anima Crystal Shards are tiny blue orbs that can be found in difficult-to-find and obscure locations all over Bastion. In order to see them, the player must be at the new cap on maximum levels, Level 60. The total number of Anima Shards is 50 within Bastion. You can locate the initial 44 on the map depicted in the map below, which was created by Zarallion. He is the author of the HandyNotes: WoW WOTLK Classic add-on. The lines connecting each follow the pattern of quests in Bastion.

Players can find the final six not currently depicted on the map in the following locations:

The main structure is located on top of Aspirant's Rest

Northeast of Necrotic Wake in the hills

Ahead of the Path of Wisdom

In Kraznir's Exchange

Inside the Necrotic Wake Dungeon next to an unrung bell from The Final Toll

The Necrotic Wake Dungeon close to a broken pillar at the coordinates 38.52. 53.26.

Once players have collected all 50 Shards The Silverwind Larion will buy WoTLK Classic Gold  unlock. As long as players have found all shards, it will be unlocked regardless of player's race and class. They also earn this Shard Labor exploration achievement. It is also suggested that the 50 crystal shards can be used to create The Crystal Mallet of Heralding, however, some players seem to be having issues with this.