In the end, no one has the respect or reverence for the rest the conference.

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The team that takes home the Pro Bowl gets to decide whether to kick or accept when there's overtime during the Super Bowl.The winner will Madden 23 coins play non-conference rivals at home the following season.Teams in the winning conference will receive compensatory fourth-round draft picks in the upcoming draft.Teams in the winning conference will receive $5M additional bonuses to their salary limits to be used in the upcoming season. The ideas listed above aren't 100% perfect, but having the game be memorable will make sure that fans would want to see it.

No. 3: We can get rid of the entire AFC Vs. NFC thing all together

I'm not aware of one person who cares anyone a damn about AFC as well as NFC glory. It's a pre-merger hangover that really isn't relevant anymore aside from making the final teams known in the Super Bowl.

In the end, no one has the respect or reverence for the rest the conference. Why are we pretending that AFC vs. NFC is a thing? I believe that the most successful sports league that has successfully completed it with the All Star game is the NRL, Australia's rugby league. Instead of a traditional match with the best players, rugby players take a break to play an all-star tournament of three games during the season called"the "State of Origin." I've written about this in the past and I think it's a genius concept.

Instead of worry about who is playing professional ball, this goes back to which of Australia's two major states in rugby players were born buy mut 23 coins in: New South Wales or Queensland. It's the most intense rivalry in rugby and sees teams torn apart in order to determine their place of birth instead of their official club.

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