Valiant Warriors of Arkesia,The "Rage with the Machinist" Update for the month of September will arrive in Arkesia tomorrow

Valiant Warriors of Arkesia,


The "Rage with the Machinist" Update for the month of September will arrive in Arkesia tomorrow. It is anticipated that the maintenance window for the update will begin on September 28 at 12AM PT (7AM UTC), and that it will last for a total of 4 hours. The estimated length of the downtime for regions that will be undergoing server merges will be significantly longer: up to 16 hours. The Machinist travels to Arkesia fully armed with the most advanced machine guns, laser weapons, and drones that can be found in Arthentine. He is prepared to blast, burn, and eliminate any threat with surgical accuracy. The next Legion Raid will also see the return of a familiar foe in the form of Mayhem Demon Legion Commander Kakul-Saydon and his treacherously alluring Midnight Circus. Below you will find the complete list of new content, updates, progression events, and bug fixes that have been added.




1. The Machinist is equipped to the teeth with some of the most advanced machine guns and laser weapons available, in addition to a Drone that is capable of carrying out remote, precise strikes as well as its own special attacks

2.  Machinists have the ability to activate their identity skill and suit up in cutting-edge technology with the Hypersync ability

3.  This allows them to take down targets that are resistant to traditional weapons and drone strikes

4.  Once activated, the high-tech Hypersync suit's energy cores can be charged by landing attacks; however, once activated, the energy cores will be depleted by the Machinist's abilities until it is no longer available

The Machinist is the fifth Gunner Advanced Class, following in the footsteps of the Deadeye, Gunslinger, Artillerist, and Sharpshooter. The most recent lesson in the Lost Ark gold coins (add it to your favorites) Academy focuses on providing specific information about the Machinist, including its identity, Engravings, and skills.


The battle continues with the addition of Kakul-Saydon as the third Legion Raid. As you engage in combat with members of the Mayhem Legion and Legion Commander Kakul-Saydon during this raid, you will find yourself immersed in the insanity of the Midnight Circus. In the middle of the fight, there are no opportunities to be revived, so you must be prepared to fight for your life. In contrast to Valtan and Vykas, Kakul-Saydon is a Legion raid that only requires four players. This Legion Raid is comprised of three gates and a plethora of brand new one-of-a-kind characteristics, abilities, and gameplay mechanics.

Players will need to have an Item Level of 1475 in order to participate in the raid's Normal difficulty; however, a less challenging version of the raid known as Midnight Circus: Rehearsal can be entered by players with an Item Level of 1385 in order to practice the challenging mechanics and teamwork required to defeat the Mayhem Legion.

Both Rehearsal Mode and Normal Mode are subject to the same weekly lockout for each character. If a character finishes Rehearsal Mode first during a given week, they will not be able to advance to Normal Mode.

Once a player has defeated Kakul-Saydon in Normal Mode during a given week, they are unable to defeat the boss in Rehearsal Mode on any of their other characters in that week.

If you complete Normal Mode first, you will not only receive all of the rewards for Normal Mode, but you will also receive the rewards that would have been obtained in Rehearsal Mode.

Beatrice, located in Trixion, is the person to speak to in order to gain access to the newly implemented special training feature. The Kakul-Saydon Legon Raid's minigames are replicated in the game's special training so that players can get more practice playing them.

Mayhem Marks and Mayhem Trumpets are the names of two new items that can be traded in for various rewards while participating in this raid. Mayhem Marks are an in-game currency that can be traded in at the Legion Raid Exchange NPC for a variety of different rewards. These rewards include card packs, accessories, and more. A weekly limit is placed on some of the items, while a roster limit is placed on others. Mayhem Horns are a type of cosmetic item that can be used in the Legion Raid gear set upgrade system. When 2, 4, or 6 different pieces of the same set are equipped, the set's full potential can be experienced. Mayhem Horns can be traded in at a new NPC for Set Gear Management, which can be found in all of the major cities. This will increase the set's effects. A new Guide Quest that provides information about the newly implemented system in the game will soon be available.



Following the successful completion of Punika's quest "Berver's Friend," players will be rewarded with a Punika Powerpass. In order for players to be able to access this quest, they must first complete all of the Adventure Quests (denoted by purple exclamation marks) on Punika in order to become citizens and collect stamps. After you have finished the last quest in this chain, "Honorary Punikan," you will be able to begin Berver's Friend by speaking with Nia in the village of Nia. You will automatically receive the Powerpass once the event begins if you have already completed the quest before the update. This Event Powerpass will be delivered to you via the mail system within the game.

Once you have finished the storyline on that continent, you will be able to use the Punika Powerpass in the same way that you did with the North Vern Powerpasses that were available to players in the launch version of Lost Ark cheap gold. You will be able to bring an alternate character to that point in the game by using the Punika Powerpass. You will be able to acquire gear with an Item Level of 1302 if you have the Punika Powerpass. This is a Powerpass for an event, and it will no longer be valid after October 26.


You can select a character on your roster with an item level between 1302 and 1415 to take part in the Special Event Missions, which are very similar to Express Events. If they complete the missions successfully, they will earn honing materials that will allow them to quickly level up to 1415. You can earn impactful honing material rewards by defeating Guardians, completing Abyssal Dungeons, and reaching certain Item Level thresholds. The Special Event Missions will continue to be available until the 23rd of November.

As players experiment with a variety of playstyles or quickly level up a brand-new Mechanist, we can't wait to see the newly added alternate characters roaming the world of Arkesia. Both of these events are only going to be around for a short while, so make sure that you take advantage of them while you still have the chance.


The Rage with the Machinist Update includes new Machinist-specific bundles, special Machinist skins, skins for the Magick Society, and more! Discover the latest in beauty products by reading on.


Several cutscenes no longer suffer from an issue that caused background audio to be absent.

We fixed a bug that was causing the Achievements menu in languages other than English to display text that was not intended to be there.

There was a bug that prevented the color options from showing up in the settings window for the Attack Direction Indicator. This has been fixed.

We fixed a bug that prevented the identity tooltip setting from working properly when certain classes were in use.

An issue that prevented text in HTML format from being sent through guild group chat notices has been fixed.

There was a bug that caused a cutscene to be skipped when certain quests in Anikka were completed while in a party. This has been fixed.

There was a bug that caused the Pheromone Bomb to not last for the full thirty seconds if it was used on Night Fox Yoho before he became invincible. This has been fixed.

An issue that caused the virtual keyboard to be displayed while using a controller to navigate the different tabs in the menus has been fixed.

We took care of an issue that was causing the Stronghold Activity Notebook to display the wrong time for the weekly reset.

There was a bug that caused the severe effects that were granted by the Strange Movement Tripod for the Destroyer's Earth Smasher skill to not be applied as described. This has been fixed.

We fixed an issue that, on occasion, prevented guild chat messages from being displayed.

We've fixed a bug that was causing multiple chat tab settings to be cleared out and reapplied.

An issue that caused text to appear in the wrong direction on one side of the Wingsuit Bike mounts has been fixed.

Keep an eye on our forums and other social channels for any new information regarding the server merges. We'll see you in Arkesia!

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