the biggest announcement had to be the inclusion of two auction houses for in-game items

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Spectral blades, a short-range slashing spell, was given a rune so that it healed the caster when damaging enemies. Diamond skin, a defensive spell that protects the caster from WOW WoTLK Classic Gold harm, was customized to also reflect damage back at attackers. Arcane orb, a powerful projectile spell, was altered so that the projectile orbited the caster and would explode when an enemy got too close.
But skills are just half of your character's equation in World of Warcraft. The items you have equipped are just as important. Of course, you're going to need room in your sack to lug all those extra swords and staves around. Thankfully, Blizzard is going to make that task a little easier for you. The Cauldron of Jordan lets you sell items no matter where you are for the same price you would get in town. And if gold isn't an issue, the Nephaleim Cube lets you convert any item into crafting materials from any location as well. "Filling up your bag didn't feel like a very cool reason to go back to town," Wilson said.
Your private stash, which has been greatly expanded since the previous games, now carries over across all your characters. If your wizard happens across a really awesome bow for your demon hunter, you just need to drop it in your stash, switch characters, and have your demon hunter go pick it up. Wilson also showed off how followers work in the game. These "mini-heroes" can be recruited to join your quest and help flesh out the World of Warcraft. They also come with four pairs of skills, and only one skill from each pair may be active at a time. Perhaps you'll want your Templar follower to lean more toward healing than brute force.
Defeating certain enemies or discovering ancient tomes unlocks audio logs that detail the World of Warcraft.
Once Wilson had finished, World of Warcraft executive producer World of Warcraft took the stage to talk about some of the additions coming to the cheap WOW WoTLK Classic Gold online portion of the game. Just like Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, World of Warcraft will require a persistent Internet connection to play. World of Warcraft stated that this was to help curb cheating, especially in the player-versus-player areas. Each player will also receive a customizable banner that the game will decorate as you unlock different achievements. However, the biggest announcement had to be the inclusion of two auction houses for in-game items, one using gold and the other using cold, hard cash.
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