How a reckless lie caused huge internet drama for Path of Exile's developer

Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games and his community have become victims of extremely stupid scams.

Path of Exile developer Grinding Gear Games and his community have become victims of extremely stupid scams. A disabled person said in a post that they were banned from Path of Exile because of the use of macros to help them play. The post sparked discussion and anger, and quickly spread throughout Reddit and social media. In addition, players can Buy POE Currency and upgrade game characters.

A redditor wrote in their now-deleted post: “After an industrial accident, I cannot use one hand and some fingers on the other. This is a link to the thread’s image. They went on to explain, They cannot play Path of Exile, because the game requires players to frequently use potions to survive. The potions are bound to the number keys and need to be pressed every few seconds. In fact, I can't press 4 keys every few seconds, so I used a macro that automatically executes for me. "

Obviously, the problem here is that using this type of automated program violates the terms of service of Path of Exile (and most multiplayer games). Macros that automate certain tasks (such as when to trigger healing potions) can be used to disrupt the game and gain a competitive advantage. In more complicated situations, you can use macros to play the game without any manual input, and you can win POE Currency.

But the use of macros to assist with disabilities is a very different field. Like many ARPGs, there are many clicks and buttons in Path of Exile, the game moves at a very fast speed, and there are many actions on the screen. In addition to some basic knowledge such as being able to rebind keys, there are not a lot of built-in options that can help more readers use "Road of Exile" more easily. Some players even go to great lengths to design character-specific characters for players with disabilities.

The players are not happy. An innocent player is trapped in a machine of some kind of automated system and is therefore unfairly prohibited from using it. People hope to see a happy ending. If you are also a player on Path of Exile, then you can Buy Chaos Orbs to get a better experience.