The burning legion will give you a taste of what's to come in this mission with their infernals.

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his demonic clan from dragging the entire orc race down with WOW WoTLK Classic Gold them. Thrall must now imprison Grom inside a special stone in order for Jaina to remove the demon's curse from him.

Walk-Through The chaos orcs that you had so much fun destroying things with in chapter five are now your enemies in this last orc chapter. Your sole requirement for success is to capture Grom in the soul gem and then make it back to Jaina's circle alive. That sounds easy enough, but of course Grom is surrounded by a considerably hellish demonic guard. Furthermore, two chaos orc settlements exist on the map and will attack your base periodically, and one of them lies next to the entrance to Grom's alcove, so you'll have to deal with it when you come for him.

Finally, and worst of all, the burning legion will be sending large fiery demons called infernals from the sky to attack you constantly. You can destroy the chaos orcs to stop their attacks if you want, but it will do little good, because the vast majority of offensives against your base will come from the infernals, and there's no way to stop them from showing up. Luckily, the forces of Lordaeron are on your side in this mission, and while they won't actually strike out against the chaos orcs or demons, they will absorb a portion of the attacks.

Grom and his protectors are mighty strong.

Start off building all the necessary buildings that aren't already provided for you, and crank out the standard first-tier combat units. The chaos orcs will attack you within a few minutes, but the infernals are a bit further off, so you have a bit of time to build up. There are two gold mines to the east of your base, but both of them are protected by chaos orcs, so when you expand to one of them, send a group led by Thrall or Cairne to clear the mine first. Do not move all your troops away from your main base, though--the chaos orcs and infernals will tear undefended buildings apart.

Watchtowers are surprisingly effective against the infernals, and if you have three or four around each entrance to the base, you'll typically be able to take out an infernal before it can destroy even one of them. The path to success in this mission simply consists of defending against the infernals and chaos orcs while you continue to amass resources and build up a large army. All the orc units are useful here, so assemble your army with diversity in mind, focusing mainly on melee fighters. Trolls and spellcasters will provide good support, but you'll be fighting almost exclusively on the ground. There's nothing to stop you from hitting the 90 supply limit here, so produce units until you can't anymore.

The burning legion will give you a taste of what's to come in this mission with their infernals.

When you're ready to retrieve Grom, use Thrall's far sight to reveal more of the area around where he's located. You'll see that Grom's got quite a few felhounds and doom guards waiting with him. With a full army, however, these won't pose too great a problem. Thrall's chain lightning and feral spirit together are extremely effective in battle, and Cairne WoTLK Gold can lead the charge with war stomp, which stuns enemies for several seconds.

The shaman's bloodlust is also extremely effective, and several fully upgraded orc melee units with bloodlust will rip through almost anything in seconds. Once you kill off the guards, you'll notice Grom beating up on your units. He has divine-type armor now, and you can't hurt him, so just use the soul gem on him and you'll capture him. Quickly run Thrall back to the circle of power located near your base and you'll save Grom and finish the mission.

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