Card Slot & Slide Design& Saves Space - Folomie Egg Storage Organizer

With Folomie Egg Storage Organizer with Lids , you won't have to rummage around in the corners of your fridge for eggs, it will keep your fridge organized!

With Folomie Egg Storage Organizer with Lids , you won't have to rummage around in the corners of your fridge for eggs, it will keep your fridge organized!

Card Slot Slide Design

The rolling egg box adopts a 7° slope design, and the eggs automatically roll-off to fill the place. Say goodbye to pulling and opening the lid, easy take and go. It can be stacked and stored, and each layer is fixed with a card slot, which is firm and reliable.

Safety Sturdy Durable

Egg storage is of great material and the lid is strong enough to stack other things on top, saves more space in refrigerator. Egg tray design for easy visibility. Easy to clean, simply wash with warm soapy water. The wall thickness is upgraded, the thickness is not easy to break, and the storage is more assured.

Visual Storage Box

The fridge egg container with lid is clearly visible, it adopts brown color transparent egg tray design, easy to see, which is convenient for timely replenishment, the top cover is detachable, and it is convenient to load eggs and clean the egg holder.

A perfect solution of egg container for refrigerator, kitchen, cabinets, table and restaurant. Not only suitable for egg storage, but also other items that can roll down from the slope.

Saves Space!

Egg container for refrigerator can be stored freely, saving space. The egg tray is fixed and the groove is designed. Each egg is placed separately to prevent shaking and effectively prevent the egg from colliding and breaking.

Innovative Rolling Design

Eggs roll to the front of the Egg automatically! Due to its gentle angled design! Gone are the days where you have to remove the Egg Tray cover or the entire egg carton to take out eggs.

Especially useful when you are cooking in a hurry. Making single-arm operation easier.

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