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Flech will fall a variety of types of dragonhides, and RS gold arrows/bolts. She might drop her unique resistent dragonhide, along with her'unique' bolts. Veneno will face her attackers with a longsword that is faster and hits harder than just dragon. The sword is tipped with an extremely strong poison that strikes 12s consistently. She can be assaulted with any charm, however particular spells like crumble undead, charge, etc. will dash rather than hitting hard.

She will occasonally throw exploding potions in the beginning, which will hit 25 or 0. Expect at least one in your struggle aganist her. Her armor is very lightweight, which makes her all the more difficult to hit.

Veneno will drop various items from rune to dragon including the DRAGON SCIMITAR along with the DRAGON CHAINBODY. The chainbody is very rare, a lot less probable than KQ (even more than dust devils). She'll also drop her powerful posion, which may just be dipped on a dagger and spear. Her sword is not a drop.

DL is the hardest child from the family to kill (Signore is your hardest to kill all together). His spells will strike you extremely hard, they will probably 1 hit you if you don't have a high mage defense. The spells are as followed: (note: most of maxes are like you're wearing d hide or something with a high magic defense. If wearing melee armor, then expect to get hit at the high 70s with the spells).

Legante's Might: This spell is a standard and powerful spell. If no magic protection prayer is on, it will hit up to your 50's. This is his most frequent spell. Keep from magic will usually shield 100%, occasonally it is only going to cheap RuneScape gold shield 75%.

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