Path of Exile: Expedition brings new content

Path of Exile has been the new outcast on the island of Diablo (so to speak) for a long time.

Path of Exile has been the new outcast on the island of Diablo (so to speak) for a long time. It was first known to others in 2010, and it was released in beta in October 2013. After that, Grinding Gear Games released 30 updates and expansions. A lot of power creeps and mechanisms followed, as general manager Chris Wilson said, causing players to pursue uninteresting strategies and face fewer challenges than the studio and the community wanted.

Therefore, after Wilson announced the upcoming expedition expansion POE Currency, he also invested in a series of balance changes and additions to solve the metagame and difficulty of Path of Exile, including the rework of the first act. But players can get better equipment through buy POE Currency to reduce the difficulty of the battle. Path Of Exile, like many games, has always had a large number of players during the COVID-19 epidemic. However, because of various reasons, including the unsuccessful release, the ultimatum expansion did not maintain its momentum.

Wilson said that on the first day of the release of the ultimatum, in terms of the number of players on the release day, it was 99% of their previous record. The reason it is only 99% is that they encountered terrible server problems. The worst day ever. So he believes that if they do not have these server problems, the release date record will reach 104% of the previous record. But GGG also understands that this extended mechanism is not suitable for players.

Expedition is just a way for Path of Exile to showcase the lessons learned by Grinding Gear Games this year. Wilson said that the players felt that the battle was boring, and that there was too little to explore. So in Expedition, they tried very hard to hide a lot of cool secret content, and provided them with cool places to go, and they were more careful in the rhythm of the rewards so that they would not be at the beginning of the game. Get everything they want. Now that Expedition has been launched, players who are interested but have not tried it yet are best to prepare POE Orbs first. I believe you will not be disappointed!