Which FFXIV courses can new players choose?

If players think that FFXIV’s career system sounds a bit complicated, don’t worry.

Now let’s talk about the best FFXIV course for new players. Like most video games, FFXIV has a variety of tanks, treatments, and DPS (melee, long-range physics, or long-range magic) careers for players to choose from. But the difference is that FFXIV's career was eventually upgraded to work. As novice players, their task is to choose the best starting career. In the beginning, players can buy FFXIV Gil to make the game progress more smoothly.

If players think that FFXIV’s career system sounds a bit complicated, don’t worry. We explained here the difference between course and job, and why players don’t have to worry too much about choosing the first one. We will also provide players with some suggestions based on their favorite game styles. For example, buy FFXIV Gil For Sale, Daugai and so on. Before players enter the best FFXIV beginner course, their first choice is the eight “basic classes” they will see on the character creation screen, but these are just the starting classes. Once they reach level 30, these professions can be upgraded to corresponding jobs (by performing work tasks). For example, if the player chooses Gladiator as the base class of FFXIV, they can switch to the Paladin class after reaching level 30.

Second, players need to know that their first choice and job is not permanent. After reaching level 10, they can switch base classes without having to own FFXIV Gil. Of course, this also means that they will start a path to different jobs, and don’t worry about costs, the player’s previous course progress will be automatically saved, so they can switch back and continue to upgrade the old course.

A list of each FFXIV starting occupation, their corresponding jobs and their occupation types are introduced at IGGM. So, which should be the first FFXIV courses for new players? And how to buy FFXIV Gil? If the player already has a strong preference, then do it.

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