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You can also find stores that old school runescape gold offer exclusive or non-tradeable items such as Faruq tools for games, or Thessalia clothing stores. Many shops aren't used or used by a lot of gilinorians. It is highly unlikely that someone will sell gemstones to a jeweler trader or jewelry to a jewelry owner today, nor visit a taverly to buy a mithril-2h sword.

Your thoughts: What changes could you do to make shops more efficient? How can your suggestion help improve their useability What do you think about the other suggestions made in this thread? A suggestion: I think clothing shops would do well if they all were run the same manner as Thessalia's. All no-stat clothing could be made standard. This could increase the number of visits to those shops because the clothes that are standard are loved and appreciated by most, while clothes on top hinder armor or other important items.

Hello, guys and girls! Tas here, your friend, the warm, here-once, then gone again RSOF lurker. Anyways! I wanted to inform you about the way I was scammed, and the best way to avoid this. No one I've talked to has heard about this before, however I keyed it together in my head, and just make sure that you do not fall for it yourself.

Beware of junk collectors who charge high prices for large quantities of junk. "Need 300 steel pickaxes! We will buy them for 10k each! This happened to me, at ge. As stated, I was provided one or two steel pickaxes by the person who was using them.

Of course, thinking waa-aay faster than I should have, I ran to the store and tried to buy a few hundred more. They didn't purchase. They stopped buying. Before I knew it I had raised the cost to 2k, 3k, and even 4k to get the buy. This was to OSRS buy gold make the insanely large profit I was offered by the user (10k per advert). You'll need 300 pickaxes!

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