How to Climb the Season 10 Ranked Ladder in LOL

Climbing the ranked ladder in League of Legends is not at all easy, no matter how effortless the pros and streamers make it seem.

Climbing the ranked ladder in League of Legends is not at all easy, no matter how effortless the pros and streamers make it seem.

From inters to insta-lock Yasuo and Teemo one-tricks, there are a lot of hurdles that low-elo players have to face in every ranked game.

The majority of the League players populate the low elo brackets with half the player base being from Silver. And even if you have been playing this game for years, the chances are that you’re either hard struck bronze or Silver, and in dire need of solutions for reaching Gold this season.

So let us help you out with your climb with some tips that you can follow during your next ranked grind.

Have a small champion pool

With over 140 champions in the game with a wide range of styles, it’s easy for players to want to play them all. For optimal climbing, it’s best to stick to a select handful of champions and only play them in ranked. A good number of champions to pick are 2-3 for each role.

Focus on a favorite champion

You can quickly climb in ranked if you specialize at playing a champion in a particular role. Once you learn the mechanics of the champion, you can focus on being in the right place at the right time for your team and set them up for victory.

Going from unlocking a new champion to consistently “maining” them won’t happen overnight. It will take hundreds of games to learn the best items to buy, which other champions you synergize best and worst with and the right mechanics to employ.

On top of that, like most conventional sports, you should watch film. Re--watching your games will uncover mistakes and let you rethink your decision-making tree.

You won’t get better by just watching your own gameplay. Find the highest-ranked person who plays the champion with whom you are trying to improve and watch how they play. You’ll learn a lot from what they do and how they explain it to their audience.

The devil is in the details. Even if you are outmatched by a more powerful champion, you can make tiny decisions that put you ahead in kills and objectives, which can help you become strong in the late game. If you know at level two, for example, you are going to do more damage compared to your opponent, then you can be aggressive and look for a kill or push the wave enough to do tower damage.

Watch other Players

While we tell fellow gamers to watch their own gameplay and learn from their mistakes, on the same note, we tell them to watch other players. We recommend finding a high ranked person who plays your favorite champion and watch them – see how they play. By doing this, you will learn a lot, and it’s even better when they explain their moves to their viewers.

Cultivate a small champion pool

It’s better to have a small champion pool that you really know well, than a really big one where you’re stretching yourself to remember the specifics of each champion. Knowing damage trades, interactions and match-ups is an important skill to have, and by limiting the number of champions you play, you’ll have a stronger grasp of the knowledge you need to effectively play your desired champion.

Take for example, the support role: a good champion pool would look like Alistar, Janna and Braum. All of these champions have different tool sets, but any of these three will always be useful, no matter what your team composition is like. Being able to round out team comps with a single pick is a great skill to have and will help you win games. One-tricking (playing just a single champion) is an option too. However, if your champion is good in the current meta, expect them to get banned. It’s better to have a few champions than just one, so you can always fall back on playing something else if your main gets banned.

Use the practice tool

The practice tool is there for a very good reason; so make the most of it. Riot gave us the practice tool to learn champions and it’s a great way to learn combos or improve your CSing. Is there some cool new interaction that was just discovered online? Jump into the practice tool and try it out without feeding in your Ranked games.

Practice tool games can be created in less than a minute and can be closed at any time. It takes very little effort and there’s a lot to gain. If you have all the champions, it might be a good idea to jump into the practice tool with each and every one of them to see how they work. Knowing how other champions work, or what their weaknesses are, will help you a lot once you have to play against them in your ranked games.

Climbing the Ranked ladder in LoL isn't easy, but if you put some thought and tips into practice, along with commitment, you will climb those ranks before you know it. We hope you enjoyed reading our extensive guide on climb the League of Legends ladder or Buy LoL Account , there is no better feeling in the world of League of Legends players than having a high win ratio lol account in Diamond or Master elo, and here is a link to get further information

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