Pros and Cons of Hatchet Build in New World

The Hatchet might not be the flashiest weapon in the New World, but it could be a good choice.

The Hatchet might not be the flashiest weapon in the New World, but it could be a good choice.

Players love RPGs and MMOs because of the customization options. New World doesn’t have the fantasy or exotic weapons that other games have. Instead, New World has magical perks and unique abilities. Players can buy New World Gold to build their own characters freely.

Most of the time, players have to make sure their character has both melee and ranged weapons, as well as the proper talents and gear to make each of them effective. So many players spend New World Gold to get these weapons. Characters built with axes can simplify this process if they use their Attribute Points and carefully build their Talent Trees, as axes have melee and throwing options.

A character can equip a person with an axe, and it will just remain inert on their back. The benefit of this is that the combination of sword and shield is linked to the same stat points, agility and strength, so if a player wants to carry all three, it makes a great physical weapon build. And players can spend New World Gold to get such a build.

Axe’s weapon building options aren’t as complicated as other characters. Pure axe build with no secondary weapons, just agility and strength stat points. A character can equip two axes with this structure and switch between them as needed. In Aeternum, players need a suitable logging axe to chop down trees and collect various types of lumber and lumber.

Hatchets and logging axes are made at two different sites. The lowest level craftable axe requires iron ingots, coarse leather, and timber. Players can Buy New World Coins to get Perks and Azoth and add them, but at this level, it’s probably just a waste. It’s better to build up engineering skills later on to make high-quality axes with these special items.