Rocket League Tips for Beginners 2020

Looking for Rocket League Items tips? The mechanical accuracy required in Rocket League makes it unlike any other action-sport game out there.

Looking for Rocket League Items tips? The mechanical accuracy required in Rocket League makes it unlike any other action-sport game out there. As with any sport, there are many techniques that have been developed to make you hit harder, move faster, and win more.

Master Both Tutorials

The game includes two tutorials, a basic and advanced. Play them both, then master them both. It’s not much to ask. You’re going to need to be pulling these moves off at breakneck speed and at a split second’s notice, especially the difference between a regular forward flip (for shooting) and a sidewards flip (for “headers” or tackles).

Don’t Ball Rush

I see this almost every game, and every game, it makes me laugh/cry: all six (or whatever) cars all chasing the ball around like angry chickens. This isn’t how you play real football, and it isn’t how you play Rocket League. The pitch is big, so make the most of it! If you see 2-3 other cars contesting the ball, there’s no need for you to get in there and make a further mess of it; instead, drive away into open space and wait. Charge up your boost.

Cross The Ball

Know why the game rewards you with points for a “center ball”? Because crossing is an integral part of football, and can also be an integral part of Rocket League. If you’ve got the ball against the wall near the goal, don’t try and turn around or do something fancy. Whack it into the middle off the fence, and hope a teammate is there to put it in. Even if they’re not, the ball will be hanging around the front of the opposition’s goal, and that’s when this game is at its crazy best.

Work As A Team

Teamwork is vital. If you’re playing with friends this is easy, but if you’re playing with strangers, there are still ways you can work together silently. When you “spawn”, generally one player will be further back towards their own goal than the others. That player should volunteer to be the “goalie”, someone who hangs back and can tidy up long shots or make a last-second tackle. Instead of speeding in trying to get the first touch, just reverse a little and get ready. I’ve seen (and scored) goals off the kick-off that wouldn’t have gone in if someone had been goalkeeping.


There’s an old football quote here in America (that's American football, not European football) that goes, “Offense wins games, defense wins championships.” The same can be applied to Rocket League. You might be able to with a solid offense but you’ll be more likely to win with a great defense. Defense isn’t a one man game in Rocket League either. At the lower levels, you might see someone sitting back playing as the keeper but that is not a beneficial strategy. Everyone should focus on learning defense in the game because you’ll never know when you’ll be the last man back and have to make a save to win the game.

A good rule of thumb to follow when in the net is to be parallel with the goal, on the goal line, with your car facing the side the ball is coming from. If you backup into the net with your car facing the back of it then it is a lot more difficult to go side to side to block a goal. Being parallel you can easily drive forward and block most shots. Training is a great way to practice some good goaltending. There are a lot of great uncomfortable save packs out there that really have some odd angles and put you into awkward positions to make saves that will get you used to seeing anything that could come at you. The main thing to take away from this is that everyone should learn how to defend because every will have to at one point or another in a game.

So, with these tips in mind, you should be able to boost your rank in Rocket League. If you have trouble completing certain modes or challenges, you can come to for boosting services. If you wanna Buy/Sell Rocket League Credits , Keys and Crates to help you level up fast, it is highly recommended to Rocket League Trading from a reliable store. Have fun!