Tips to Select the Right Lifting Cloumn for A Desk

The incoming spread of the contemporary home office has dragged along with it the need for an electric table.

The incoming spread of the contemporary home office has dragged along with it the need for an electric table. This has put the table as one of the most sought-after home-office furniture. More so, electric lifting tables improve the performance of the job done in your comfort zone.


All things being the equal in an application like an adjustable table a rectangular tube lifting column provides the best overall stability. This is because the ratio of the long-side to short-side of the rectangle can be tuned to optimize both inherent instabilities as opposed to treating them equally.


The productivity of a user can be greatly affected by how quickly their work surface can be raised or lowered. Lifting columns can offer speeds from around 10 mm/second up to 250 mm/second making them ideal for use in a medical equipment applications setting such as MRI machines, X-ray machines and operating tables where an optimal speed is desired. The same is true in an industrial setting where a lifting column used for an adjustable height desk or workbench.


Although with the dramatically reduced and ever-diminishing weight of equipment and computers on an average desk, the load requirement of a lifting platform used in lifting an adjustable desk are not entirely as demanding as say for example an patient examination table, it is important that the load-bearing is sufficient that the speed of the lifting platform and the cost is low enough to merit such investment.

Stroke Length:

The primary reason for using a lifting platform versus a simple electrical linear actuator is that a lifting platform is essentially multiple staged actuators combined in a singular telescopic tube. This is done to increase the length to which a lifting platform can lift a desk. The stroke length provides the ability to raise the desk to a standing height. The longer the stroke length the longer the range between which the desired platform can be adjusted to a required height.


A lifting column in a standing desk has a relatively low repeatability requirement unlike lifting column in more industrial environments where a single operation is repeatedly more frequently.

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