Artist Blends Elden Ring Monster With Pokemon's Tyrantrum

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FromSoftware's latest Soulslike title which is the open-world Elden Ring, has been highly praised by both players and reviewers alike. The game boasts an incredibly active group of players that are at work developing new combat strategies, delving into hidden secrets, and sharing memes. Now, one Elden Ring fan has fused one of Elden Ring Runes the game's many legendary monsters and Tyrunt and the Tyrunt and Tyrantrum.

It's not the first time that Elden Ring fans have created fan art inspired by Pokemon, but this is one of the funniest. The majority of jokes from the Elden Ring fandom at the moment are based on a single gag known as"the Dog Meme. This is a meme that involves players laughing that NPCs, enemies, or even objects which are clearly not to be found in nature are actually, canines.

The Twitter user bromojumbo joined involved in the fun by sharing fan artwork of Tyrunt and Tyrantrum, two famous Fossil Pokemon based on the famous Tyrannosaurus Rex, with an Elden Ring twist. Tyrunt along with Tyrantrum are often depicted as reptiles with scaly bodies featuring bright orange heads and ruffs filled with feathers. This change provides them with coats of brown and reddish fur respectively, a distinctly canine appearance, and the hollow white-on-black eyes of some of Elden's most terrifying foes.

Bromojumbo's attempt to combine adorable Pokemon with the scary Elden Ring enemy results in two creatures that blur the boundary between cool and creepy. Their version of Tyrunt the dark grey-brown dinosaur, encased with fur tufts, wearing the traditional stance of a Tyrunt , with its tongue hanging out as if it were it is a dog. The Tyrantrum includes a more dog-like head as well as canine ears rather than the traditional crest, as well as scars that are reddened instead of a scale pattern. It also has a black spiked collar. It appears as a design choice to elden ring weapons for sale look more like the dog. Both designs have black dog noses and gray fur accents.


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