What exactly are vertical carousels and why are they so beneficial to businesses

What exactly are vertical carousels, and why are they so beneficial to businesses?Vertical carousels are storage devices that have shelves or storage compartments that rotate in a vertical orientation

What exactly are vertical carousels, and why are they so beneficial to businesses?


Vertical carousels are storage devices that have shelves or storage compartments that rotate in a vertical orientation. In contrast to a "Lazy Susan," which rotates its contents in a horizontal plane, a vertical carousel rotates its contents in three dimensions: up, down, and around. In most cases, there will be a column of shelves in front of the unit, as well as a column of shelves in the unit's rear. At the top of the carousel as well as at the bottom of the carousel, the shelves rotate in opposite directions, moving from the back to the front and then from the front to the back. The carousel is almost always powered by a motor that is paired with a gear motor. These devices have the advantage of being able to store twice as many shelves as stationary storage does due to the fact that there are two columns of shelves rather than the single column that is found in stationary storage. In addition, since they are vertical, the shelves can be rotated down to a level where the user can see the contents of the shelf in a manner that is satisfactory to the user even if the shelf would normally be out of someone's reach by a significant distance. Therefore, the vertical carousel is beneficial because it not only doubles the storage capacity and makes vertical carousels easier to reach objects that are stored up high, but it also makes it easier to find and locate objects that have been stored.

What does StorageMotion, Inc. have to offer in the way of Vertical Carousels?

StorageMotion, Inc. provides customers with a wide variety of options for vertical carousels. The first item on our list is the AutoPantry. It is made specifically for storing pantry items such as bags of chips, boxes, cans, and other similar things. It does an incredible job of increasing storage space and assisting with organizing your pantry. It was our first product and is available in many different dimensions, including depth (three different sizes), height (many different sizes), and width (many different sizes). Please CLICK HERE for further information:Carousel installed vertically in the Pantry. The ShoeSelect comes in at number two on our list. It is designed to hold both men's and women's footwear, and each category of footwear requires its own unique shelf configuration in order to ensure that footwear is kept safely in place while being transported. It comes with shelves made out of wood or shelves that are covered in fabric such as suede or velvet. When it comes to the depth, it is available in a variety of sizes, and when it comes to the height and width, it is available in a wide variety of sizes. Vertical Carousel for Shoes has more information available at the following link:The WineCarousel is up next on our agenda. It has a rotating rack that can hold wine bottles in a horizontal position. It works very well as a display for trophy bottles and comes with either a wooden rack or a rack made of chrome steel to hold the bottles. It is available in a single depth in addition to a wide variety of heights and widths. Vertical Carousels for Wine Bottles has more information available at the following link:The ClothesCarousel is our final stop today. It looks like a vertical carousel and can be used to hang clothes. It requires a depth of approximately 5 feet, a height of approximately 11 or 16 feet, and a width of up to 4.5 feet, and it can accommodate either four or six clothes rails. Vertical Carousel for Hanging Clothes - CLICK HERE for more information about this product. In addition, StorageMotion Inc. offers a vertical carousel that is adaptable to any and all CUSTOM applications. These horizontal carousels can be customized to accommodate a wide variety of items, including handbags, folded clothing, hats, DVDs, collectibles, and more.

Why Should You Buy From Us When Purchasing Vertical Carousels?


You don't really have any other options, which is another reason why you should consider purchasing from us


- We are the ONLY company that offers a vertical carousel that has been specifically designed for use in residential settings, and we are the industry leader in home storage automation

- Having said that, nobody works as hard as we do to ensure the satisfaction of our clients

- The construction of our products is of the highest caliber, and we back that up with superior assistance to our clients

- The vertical carousel is constructed with high-quality motors that are whisper-quiet and were designed from the ground up for use in domestic settings

- The product can be operated without risk, as it does not feature any pinch points that could injure the hands or fingers

- The fact that it is pre-assembled makes it simple to set up, and the fact that it can be installed within a cabinet as a "cabinet insert" makes it possible for the vertical carousel to blend in with the rest of the closet

- The addition of our vertical carousel to your home not only makes your life simpler but also adds to the resale value of your property

- Please give us the opportunity to provide you with a quote and demonstrate our capabilities to you

Calculating the Return on Investment in a Vertical Carousel for the Home's Vertical Carousels

Vertical carousels provide numerous advantages to businesses, ranging from increasing the amount of floor space that is available to maximizing the amount of storage density. Other advantages include accelerating the picking speed, improving picking accuracy, and enhancing workplace ergonomics.

Some of our clients have found that installing a vertical carousel has allowed them to increase their storage capacity by between 50 and 60 percent without the need to construct or relocate to a new warehouse.

For some, the greatest benefits have come in the form of labor reductions that have been made possible as a result of increased warehouse performance or savings that have been realized as a result of improved shipping accuracy. When a factory, warehouse, or pharmacy begins utilizing a vertical carousel that has been customized for them, the business benefits can typically be calculated in a number of different ways, all of which lead to significant returns on investment (ROI).

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