Madden 22 cover: who is the most likely cover star

Madden 22 is about to be released, let us predict who will be the cover star of Madden 22.

Madden 22 is about to be released, let us predict who will be the cover star of Madden 22. If you want athletes with high scores, then you can Buy Madden Coins to get help.

Davin Cook (Minnesota Vikings, RB)
It has been 9 years since another Viking, Adrian Peterson, appeared on Madden 25’s PS4 and Xbox One covers, and, incredibly, this is the last time the series has been allowed as a prologue. After 16 landing moves 1,557 yards away, Florida State University graduate Cook yelled to break the unexplainable drought.

Steven Diggs (WR, Buffalo Bills)
The suffering suffered by the receiver is different from the blow suffered by the recent Madden screen, when Antonio Brown of the Pittsburgh Steelers took the lead before Madden 19, and he was the last after the telepathy of quarterback Josh Allen There are 15 catches, 1535 yards, eight touchdowns and AFC Eastern Championship. You need to spend a lot of Madden 21 Coins to get him, so please choose wisely.

Tom Brady (QB, Tampa Bay Pirates)
In the 2020 season, Brady hung 4633 slings after 40 touchdowns, and then won his sixth Super Bowl ring in a 31-9 bombardment by the Kansas City Chiefs. Although he turned 44 in August, he is still crazy for everyone else in the league. He just promised to play in the Bucs jersey for two more seasons. This is Tom’s second cover after Madden 18.

Aaron Rogers (Qa, Green Bay Packers)
The suspicious coach discovered that Green Bay was snatched by Tom Brady's pirates. It's easy to forget that Rogers outperformed Brady in the regular season. In the process of winning the league's most valuable player award, he threw 48 TDs and only 5 picks. Incredibly, this will be his first ever Madden cover.

Derek Henry (Tennessee Giants (RB)
Henry broke through 2027 rushing yards and 17 touchdowns in 2020, which makes him the current hot spot on the cover of Madden 22-in fact, it may have been revealed. In March, the Gametop store in Pennsylvania began using Henry's images to promote new games. If you want to know more information about seeking help, welcome to visit GameMS and purchase MUT 21 Coins.