Prior to that Madden NFL 24 Draft

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Philip Rivers can attest to the extent to which the Mut 24 coins Chargers'offensive line struggled in 2012.The first-round pick D.J.Fluker will have every chance to earn a starting spot on one of the league's weakest fronts.He's not an ideal fit for left tackle due to his heavy feet,and could even struggle at right tackle early in his career.He will have an opportunity to play at a young age but is he ready for it?

Cordarrelle Patterson,Wide Receiver,Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings hope Cordarrelle Patterson can ease some of the burden of Percy Harvin.Patterson is a versatile player using the ball hand,however,he's not quite as Harvin in the majority of aspects in his play.In the beginning of the season,the Vikings are likely to put much pressure on Patterson as they try to make him comfortable with Madden NFL 24 rapidly.It's going to be fascinating to determine how they are able to get him involved.

Ziggy Ansah and Defensive End Ziggy Ansah Detroit Lions

The word"raw"was used in almost every conversation regarding BYU defensive end Ezekiel Ansah,prior to that Madden NFL 24 Draft.The combination of strength and speed earned him a spot in the top five,though this position comes with the expectation of becoming a contributor from the beginning.Given the speed at which Ansah has developed in his college years,the next chapter of his career is sure to be interesting to follow.

Brian Schwenke,Center,Tennessee Titans

The interior of the Titans offensive line has been a huge problem for the team in recent seasons,but it doesn't have to be anymore after Tennessee signed guard Andy Levitre and drafted Alabama guard Chance Warmack with the No.10 pick in the April draft.However,fourth-round pick Brian Schwenke,a center out of California is the best interior lineman to be watching during training camp.He was described being a"ordinary tools"guy,but is expected to have a shot at beginning his career from the first day.

Peterson isn't a good person to be around.

Adrian Peterson erased any and any doubts about his ability to buy madden 24 coins heal quickly after he scored 84 yards and two touchdowns in Week 1 of this past season,just eight months after undergoing major operation to repair a torn MCL and ACL.However,it was revealed in the wake of his injury on Monday that Peterson had not completely recovered after his hernia surgery in January although the team hopes Peterson will be back in time for OTAs in May,and possibly even for free-strength training in the latter part of April.Visit Daily Norseman for more on the Vikings.