How To Get Crowns In Elder Scrolls Online (2024 Guide)

The Crown Crate will open, revealing a selection of items such as mounts, pets, costumes, consumables, or other collectibles. The items are usually chosen randomly.

Crown crates are new items that can be purchased from ESO Crown Store. These chests contain various items and when you open them you receive stuff that can be used while playing. You can find different pets and mounts and other consumable items. Welcome to the Crown Crates page for ESO (Elder Scrolls Online). Please note that ESO Items change with the seasons. Sometimes older Crown Crate seasons in ESO are available again for a short duration during sales.

What Are Crown Gems

In Elder Scrolls Online (ESO), Crown Gems are a form of premium currency obtained by converting unwanted items acquired from Crown Crates. When players receive duplicate or unwanted collectibles, furnishings, or other items from Crown Crates, they can use the "Gems" option to break down these items into Crown Gems.

Crown Gems can then be spent in the Crown Store to purchase specific items directly. This system allows players to acquire desired items without relying solely on luck when opening Crown Crates. The number of Crown Gems obtained for each item depends on its rarity and value within the Crown Crate system.

Open Crown Crates

Opening Crown Crates in Elder Scrolls Online involves purchasing these crates from the Crown Store and then accessing them to reveal the various in-game items they contain. Here's a general guide on how to open Crown Crates:

Visit the Crown Store:

Open the Crown Store interface in the game. This is typically accessible through the main menu.

Browse and Purchase Crates:

Navigate to the section featuring Crown Crates.

Choose the specific type of crate you want to purchase. Crown Crates often come in different series or themes.

Confirm Purchase:

Once you've selected the desired crate, confirm the purchase using Crown Gems or real-world currency, depending on your preference.

Locate Crates in Inventory:

After purchasing, the Crown Crates will be placed in your inventory. You may need to manually retrieve them, or they might be automatically added.

Open the Crates:

Find the Crown Crates in your inventory, and use the designated option to open them. This could involve right-clicking, selecting "Use," or using another activation method based on your platform.

Reveal Rewards:

The Crown Crate will open, revealing a selection of items such as mounts, pets, costumes, consumables, or other collectibles. The items are usually chosen randomly.

Receive Crown Gems:

Any duplicate or unwanted items obtained from the Crown Crates can be converted into Crown Gems. This can be done within the Crown Crate interface or the Crown Store.

Use Crown Gems:

You can then use the accumulated Crown Gems to purchase specific items of your choice from the Crown Store.

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