I was surrounded by so numerous player-created

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FFXIV brought me to taking pleasure in the WOW TBC Gold actions of people around me. I rushed to Limsa to get a better ranking than the redcoats of old (malestrom I believe is the actual name. I am not sure the reason I started in Limsa but they're my obligated choice. And as I walked into the plaza, I faintly heard the familiar tune. It was a song that I had heard before that I didn't recognize at first, but I did know bards could perform instruments as an honorary class. What I didn't know was that bards can get an electric guitar that can play Enter Sandman by Metallica clear enough that I recognized it from an in-between distance.

for about 15 minutes I was watching as the dude went through his entire performance. Metallica, Nirvana and some other classic rock were playing on the radio. While I'm listening, I'm looking around at the people he has gathered and what do you think it is? It's the most disgusting looking Lala that the world has ever seen. Oh and what is that? It's a M.Bison cosplay style. Are these folks just standing in the plaza, performing various poses to show off their beauty? What is that emote? Where can I find it? The minion is adorable, what is it called? Ah, you got that from some quest!? No way!

There was an Incredible Hulk lookin dude giving one of the sprouts circles a crafting class in the elevator to the Wench. A second bard was playing some EDM type nonsense on one of the harps with cat-girls waving glow sticks.

I was surrounded by so numerous player-created, participant-driven and player-favorite content. The people weren't making a stop at Limsa for a quick sale or to make it to their next grind for an unbeatable BiS, or for the chance to get a rare mount. They were playing the game along with others who were also enjoying the same activities.

For FFXIV players, I'm not hyping this up to farm karma. This doesn't happen in WoW. The closest thing that I have experienced in the last 6 years of WoW was walking through one city, in a circle, with 20 other players sharing the same mount. Cities are used for selling auctions, waiting and waiting for WoW. There is no one who talks, let alone provides crafting lessons or holds concerts. If you ask another player which appearance they had for an item you usually don't get a response and if you do its "google the name of the item."

My impression is that buy WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold MMOs are built by their communities. And FFXIV as judging by the community I've seen and participated in, is lots to live. 43 levels and loving every second of ARR.

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