What is the SWTOR Galactic Seasons system?

Galaxy Season is a level-based seasonal game system in SWTOR.

Galaxy Season is a level-based seasonal game system in SWTOR. Players can actively get unique exclusive rewards by completing Daily and Weekly Conquest Objectives called Priority Objectives, including SWTOR Credits. The system does not provide new content. On the contrary, it uses existing content to provide players with a new and more meaningful purpose, to visit places they have not been in a long time, take part in a wider range of activities, and stimulate Players buy SWTOR Credits.

The goal of the Galactic Seasons system is to keep players engaged in the game and log in to SWTOR more frequently. Therefore BioWare officially calls it an extension of the Daily Login system, which has nowhere to go. The two will work together to keep players happy and entertained while repeating what the players have done in the past. The Galactic Seasons system has mobilized players’ enthusiasm for the game, and can also stimulate players to buy SWTOR Credits.

As long as players use daily login rewards and the Galactic Seasons system, there will be more reasons to enter the game and play. In this way, SWTOR can attract players to spend more time in the game, thereby guiding players to SWTOR Credits Buy. Galactic Seasons are designed to last for a long time, and their duration may change with future development, but each season should always be four to five months.

When the Galactic Seasons system is running, even if the players are not paying attention to the current mission objectives, the Galactic Seasons will serve them. If players complete a mission aim without knowing it, they will still receive rewards for the mission, including SWTOR Credits. In this respect, the Galactic Seasons system is similar to the Galactic Seasons system. So for players, using Galactic Seasons system is very beneficial, for the game itself, the system can also better stimulate players to buy SWTOR Credits.